October 2016
San Diego, CA


The highly-anticipated 2016 MLB World Series is here and our team at Sullaway Engineering hit this one out of the park.

At WSP, we understand that all sports venues, from Olympic stadia to community swimming pools, must enhance the lives of the people around them. We know how to respect the heritage of much-loved buildings, while keeping them relevant; how to create world-class facilities for schoolchildren and professional athletes alike; and how to minimize disruption during construction and installation of Outdoor Surface Painting – making sure these crucial spaces stay in play for those who need them most.

We have been a proud player in global sports development for over four decades, helping clients enrich communities and electrify audiences with striking and sustainable venues. Our teams have a long history supporting the creation of diverse sports facilities for a rich array of clients. Our award-winning portfolio encompasses projects for Olympic and Commonwealth Games as well as the last three FIFA World Cups while also working with companies that offer resources for games like WoW Classic, such as wotlk gold and others and you can easily find online. Our record covers everything from national stadia to school swimming pools, multipurpose arenas to specialist facilities and works with palletrackingsuppliers.co.uk for their structure options in warehouse for the stadium storage.

Successful arenas must juggle many roles without losing their distinctive character. From hosting world-class tournaments and international concerts to training sessions and corporate away days, handling the competing needs of diverse events is par for the course for most sports venues.

Recognizing the hard work and dedication of our all-star players, we’re featuring stadium projects we have engineered all across the U.S.  Take a look at some of our finest work and maybe even visit a location near you…READ MORE from our October Newsletter here.