If you’re starting a business online, you need a hosting for your website, as welal you need the help from professionals that help you with the best advises you can find here the best PEO for your business. We just happen to have done that before for our own site.

I’m sure we’ll get asked on this at some point. We need to make sure that we continue to respond to the community as it changes, whether it’s changing in the quality of their messaging or their technology. For this site, we have to fight a lot of things head on users complaining that we’ve changed, users complaining that they don’t have enough posts. I feel like we can beat these things, we know we can beat them, but we just need to win battles. If we win the battles, we’ll be able to move forward. If we don’t win them, we might keep moving backwards, but we’ll know that we can do something about it in the future.

So that’s why we want to get involved with open source projects. In particular, we want to get involved with technologies that provide the best free hosting for free sites. If you run a WordPress site, chances are, you’re not running WordPress anymore. That’s great. WordPress is free hosting. If you’re running a Drupal site, chances are that you’re running a Drupal site it’s free hosting. I just want to reassure you that we don’t have plans for closing down WordPress but there are also other services with its dedicated hosting plans if you’re interested in this as well. If someone goes to WordPress and says, “Hey, I’m going to make my new project into a WordPress-based site,” we’d be thrilled to help them. That’s exactly what the process is. WordPress can be used to make something free, and WordPress can be used to make something free with something like Drupal.

These ideas on using open source are the reasons that we’re working on doing something like the WordPress.org Foundation, which is an open source developer board. I haven’t had a chance to talk about it, but it’s a really great idea, and we’re going to have a lot of conversations with people in the future about what that looks like.

However, that’s all the open source projects. Next I want to talk about the business side. So that’s kind of a secondary project to us. We did launch a hosted social network in 2008. We had over 300,000 accounts on that at one point. It was called Qiyi. Now, it’s taken a lot of work to clean it up, to be better about it and more professional. We’d like to improve it over time. That’s something I did it took me quite some time. It was something that we’re very proud of, so it’s something that we’re probably going to do again.

Next we’d like to talk about some plans for next year. We are basically building our foundation, and we want to continue to invest in it. One of the things we can do that we didn’t do with Qiyi is make it free. Even as the first major public open source social networking project, there were a number of people who were using it for free. That was fine we supported them. You could add your favorite sponsors and still be paying for what we were offering them.