Standardized Sign Engineering

Standardized Sign Engineering is a concept that has been around for decades and has worked well in many states. Specifically, standards cover one to two windspeed velocities in the state and a set of drawings and calculations cover general notes, footing designs, pole signs, cabinet attachments, splice and saddle details, wood signs, base plate details and sizes, spread footings, flag pole designs, retaining walls, Certified Signs and wall signs.

The state sign standards are adapted by municipalities, thus saving city plan checkers time because it eliminates most of the review process. Sign companies can utilize these pre-approved standards as a membership benefit through their respective state sign association. We are committed to helping sign companies This streamlines the permitting process and helps offset the cost of engineering for sign companies.

Sullaway Engineering Inc. develops and adopts standardized sign engineering in partnership with the state sign associations. Our firm is committed to educating the staff at sign companies on how to use the standards through holding seminars at the annual state sign association meetings and providing consultation at no charge, while also helping with the marketing of these companies using resources from the seotoolscentre which specialize in this area.

Michael F. Sullaway, P.E. serves as the Engineer of Record on the following Standardized Sign Engineering Plans:

City of San Antonio
Available Through the Texas Sign Association

Our firm has been contracted to update existing sign standards with the 2018 IBC codes for the following states:

Available Through the Arizona Sign Association

Available Through the Nevada Sign Association

Available Through the Colorado Sign Association

Available Through the Utah Sign Association

Available Through the Oregon Sign Association

Available Through the Washington Sign Association

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